Words For Courageous Living


Here is a good pretend story. It was of great concern to some fish to see lobsters swimming backwards instead of forwards. They decided to call a meeting and it was thought best to offer a class for instruction. Quite a few came. The fish thought that if they could teach these youngsters as they grew up they would learn swim the correct way.

They, actually, did quite well, BUT afterwards when they returned home and saw their fathers and mothers swimming in the old way, they soon forgot their lessons.

I think, my friend, that we often learn new and correct ways to live - and for awhile we are really excelling. BUT when we return to the "old pond" we quickly revert to the old way.

I see this in the way we return to old habits and to old way of negative thinking. It is true we tend to become like the people we associate with. I have discovered that a lot of people stay dwelling on what is so bad in their life because they have people to feed and reflect.

My word of encouragement is to share yourself with positive people. Not that you will throw away the others, but the plus would be more dominate. The Scripture puts it like this: (1 Cor. 15:33)

"Do not be deceived: Evil company corrupts good habits."

For one who needs encouragement you can't beat the friend of friends, Jesus.

My prayer for you

Lord, bless this dear one to know that to get out of swimming one way, they have to be taught another way. You, Lord Jesus, are the great teacher. Grant this student an "A" in achieving your victory over old habits. In the name of Jesus.


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