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Many years ago my wife, Nancy, and I travelled to New York City. We had been in Atlantic City for a convention. In the Big Apple we were robbed. It all happened so quickly. We parked our car, LOCKED it, walked down the street with our daughter Robyn, for perhaps 1 1/2 blocks and then decided that we wanted to change our plans. Turning around we went right back to the car. When we got there we discovered that the inside of the car had been gone through - clothes disarrayed. Now this all took place in just a few minutes. "They" even had time to go through the diaper bag and find my camera which I had hid. Police told me, when I reported it, that this happens every hour...nothing they can do about it.

Well with this in my mind, the following story grabbed my attention. It also took place in N.Y..

This lady was returning to her home after travelling out of town. It was midnight. It was during a snowstorm. She had to take the subway. When her stop came she was the only one getting off. There was no one around.

While she was still some distance from her apartment building she became aware of footsteps behind her. (You know the scene, when she quickened her pace, so did the other footsteps.) She prayed for deliverance. (This is the bottom line I return to.) Then this rough looking man overtook her, she held up the suitcase and said, "Will you help me with this, sir, it is real heavy."

He took the suitcase and walked along side of her. When they got to the building, she offered him, believe it or not, a tip. He shook his head, "no" and said "I would not take anything from you, lady. I was going to snatch your purse, but you trusted me and I couldn't."

Is that a story or is that a story. Great, huh? But my thinking is that it was not just an accident, it was DUE TO PRAYER. She had asked God to be her escort. Her faith overcame her fear. My friend, God does hear and answer prayer. Even when it "seems not to work", hang in there - and you will see.

My prayer for you

Give to this one, Lord, the faith to believe. May they hear echoing in their spiritual ear, "If you believe, all things are possible."


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