Words For Courageous Living


Let me tell you about a fireman. He enjoys his work, though at times it can be very stressful, dangerous and exhausting. There are great rewards when people's lives are saved, or property is protected.

Recently when he was sharing some of his experiences he mentioned that on one occasion things looked really bad for awhile. It seems that the fire was threatening thousands of acres at a Calilfornia site. As he and his buddies were pulling out of a very dangerous situtation, He related that he could feel the heat of the flames and feel the ashes falling on his exposed skin as the truck sped through an opening to safety.

Their next job was to START A FIRE. Yep, he said, "We had to do a backfire. It was to contain the fire." So the fireman started a fire. The wind did its job - the strategy worked - the second fire joined the first and the flames just burned themselves out.

Fighting fire with fire works! BUT, in working with people (not weeds or trees) it does not work. We cannot return anger for anger, or hatred with hatred. Sometimes life deals us a real "hot flame". Things that come out of people's mouth is much like the fire that comes out of the proverbial dragon. It hurts.

Jesus has made it clear that we are to bless those who curse us, and return a blessing to those who are being evil to us. Now this IS hard. But it works, I know. Often times if we follow the example and teachings of Jesus our attitude toward a present difficult and hot situation will change. He has promised peace to those who follow His way.


Lord, I ask in the name of Jesus that this one receive from you right now, right where they are an abundance of peace amid, possibly, a most difficult and heated situation. May their reaction be cooled by your presence and your touch. Grace to them.


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