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Through the years I have taken all my 12 grandchildren to the edge of town where we used to lived and let them observe real close up the trains. Now, for a child, 3,4 or 5, to stand beside a train wheel on a box car must be an awesome experience. I showed them the rim that holds the wheels on the track. I showed them the couplers that fasten car to car. Now the couplers - well, they are like giant hands I explained. They are massive and because they are huge and strong, the cars are connected to one another with security.

You know, all the power and strength of the locomotive is passed on to the cars. The couplers allows that to happen. It is the "factor" of communicating the power. So, my friend, FAITH IS A COUPLE. It, in fact, passes on the power of the Heavenly Father to His children. It is by faith that we reach out and hold on to God through Jesus. Scripture declares that He (Jesus) is a mediator.It is lilke "shaking hands with God".

Habbakuk 2:4, "the just shall live by their faith"

Faith joins you, as a believer, to God. In this we receive from Him the power, strength and blessing.

That is so very important for victorious living - especially when going through a difficult time.

My prayer for you:

Father, I thank you that by faith this one can really "reach in" you. Remind them that without faith it is impossible to please you. May your spirit encourage them to couple up and again I say, couple up. May they latch on you with all the strength of a train coupler. Transmit to them your peace, Your power and Your potential.


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