Words For Courageous Living


Years ago when my children were young, my wife, Nancy and I took them to San Francisco. Among the things we saw was the trolly power station. The thing that was of interest to share with you at this time is the way the electricity was produced.

Some of you all ready know I am going to use the phrase - "by friction". Some of you may have figured out what I am about to say, also.The engines are supplied by electricity that is produced by friction and the results is the noise and roar of the wheels. By the friction produced by the revolution of wheels there is the result of trolly car movement.

Now, I do not think - I KNOW - that God allows certain things to happen in our life. Friction of - call it difficulties - call it obstacles - call it whatever you may, but allowed to bring more power to your life.

Let me share with you two scriptures. One: "All these things are against me." (Gen. 42:36) Two: "All things work together for good to them that love God." (Rom. 8:28)

God is generating spiritual force by circumstances. Many do not like it - and they try to run away. Others use them, for power to rise above what might be very painful. Il suppose a pearsonal question would be - What are you doing with your "friction"?

May we pray?

Lord, I ask, in the name of Jesus, that this one receive strength in their inner being from the pressures of this day. May you give them the generated power to rise above and to use an obstacle as friction to produce powerful positive living.


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