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I give myself a new title for this writing. I am Neal Carlson, traffic director. You will understand as you read further.

Somewhere in America there is an intersection that has rightly been called "confusion corner". The reason being that two streets intersect there, PLUS there is a railroad track crossing PLUS two other roads on either side of the track - all, intersecting. Of all these routes, only 2, I remember reading, are what one would call "state roads", so they are the only 2 so marked with a sign. The sign shows direction to turn and continue on that particular road.

I remember that the writer said travelers coming to "confusion corner" fall into 3 categories. 1. Those who get caught in the traffic and follow the crowd, turning off at any place to get out of the mess. 2. Those who follow the signs carefully, and 3. Those who know the way because they have been there before.

In life's traveling we also fall into the 3 categories. There are those who just follow the crowd, making no decisions of their own. They refuse to stop and face honestly a particular decision and get the mind of the Lord for direction. Others follow carefully the signs - following signs in the Bible for healthy living and direction. The advice I take for myself is to "follow Jesus" in all my ways. He will get me through. He will get you through, also.


Lord, I ask in the name of Jesus that at every intersection of life this one pause for a moment and ask you for direction. May they ask direction for the simplest thing to the most complex thing. Thank you that you know the way, for you have gone before us. At this point of this one's travels in life, give peace and assurance and safety "home". Your Son did say "I am the way."


John 8:12

"Jesus spoke and said, 'whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.'"

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