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Let me say at the very beginning: I BELIEVE IN ANGELS. (Do you??) I trust you do. In fact statistics show that a great percentage of Americans do believe in their existence. Further, the angel of the Lord camps around those who fear Him.

It is possible that you recall the picture I am about to describe. I have seen it in a book, and I have viewed it on the wall of several homes throughout the years.

The picture is of a little girl, walking along a narrow path. On both sides of the path the ground drops off deeply. But the drop off is hidden from view by thick grass. Behind the girl is an angel. He (of course, angels do not have sex) but He, for the sake of the picture, was placing his hands on her shoulder to keep the child in the center of the path.

If I recall correctly, the child even has closed eyes and is walking forward, content not to see where the feet are being planted just as long as the gentle and guiding touch of the angel is felt.

I am grateful, my friend, that there is an angel where you are reading these words. (Whether you believe it or not, does not change the fact.) The path that you are on at this time may be flanked by danger; the path you are on may be in the midst of sorrow or trouble. The path that you are on maybe in the midst of persecution, but I remind you that with you ON that path is an Angel of God.

"For He will command His angels concerning you

to guard you in all your ways."

Psalm 91:11

My prayer for you:

Thank you Lord Jesus for your ministering angels over and with this one. We thank you that this one is important to you, so important that you will be aware and you will offer guidance. May they be sensitive to the touch of God on their shoulder.


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