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Have you ever spilled something? You're thinking, "Sure - who hasn't?" One Sunday morning, many years ago when our children were quite young, we were running late for church. Breakfast was over, all were dressed and I was getting everyone together and then it happened! What? Well, it was like this. One child (who will remain anonymous) had returned to the kitchen, opened the refrigerator door and pulled out the egg carton. The eggs slipped from the little hand, splattering eggs on him and his shoes and floor.

My child stood there in the middle of it all...just "frozen". When I came in it would have been easy to explode - knowing me. But, for the grace of God I said, "Well, breakfast for Candy (the dog)." I even smiled. By that time all the children were in the kitchen standing frozen also - but they then started laughing.

Now the event was "bad", it was certainly was an inconvenience - and yes, an irritation. BUT THE POINT IS, the world was not coming to an end.

For all of the spills of our life, we must make light of them. Now this does not mean we are not affected by the circumstances, but it means that we will not let the circumstances effect/rule us.

Jeremiah put it this way: (31:13)

"For I will turn your mourning into gladness.I will give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow."

May we pray?

Father I ask that your blessing rest upon this special one. May they see through a present difficulty...and if life has throwns them a "spill", give them attitude that will project lightness insteads of despair.


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