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These two guys were riding one windy day together. Beside the wind, they had to contend with the dust that was being blown on them. One of them said, "I've had it with this dust, I want to ride over there in the field so we would be free of the dust." He said this so many times that together they went to the field. They had not been there too long before they were bothered by flies. The flies troubled the horses so much the guys could hardly control them.

So his friend said, "When you were on the road, you were troubled by the dust. It was your only trouble. You spent all your time wishing you were in the field. In your anxiety to get there you forgot all about the flies.

Is this a picture - and a true picture - of life? How true. The trials of our present situation tend to make us want a "move". We might, indeed, make that "move" only to find that it was better where we were.

Some have told me, "If I could just move to that place, or if I could just have a different job or a change of scenery, things would better." But, you know, my friend, it is just not that way most of the time. When we make that move, we take ourselves with us. It is an age old problem.

I suppose that is why Paul encouraged us with this...(Phil. 4)

"I have learned in whatsoever state I am, there to be content."

My prayer for you

Lord, I ask that peace be given this special person. A peace that will enable them to be content where they are. If a move is in the air, give them spiritual insight to what lies ahead. In Jesus' name.


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