Words For Courageous Living


One evening when my wife, Nancy, and I were out on the Gulf of Mexico spending the night, doing some deep sea fishing, a very fierce storm developed. I'll tell you what happened after directing your attention to Philippians 3:13,14

"...forgetting what is behind me, and reaching out for that which lies ahead, I press toward the goal to win the prize which is God's call to the life above in Christ Jesus."

Paul says one is to forget the past and strive for the future, keeping the eyes on Jesus.

That night on the Gulf when the bad storm developed I had a real lesson in understanding that scripture. How so? The captain said it was the worst he had ever been in. He had to leave the cabin where the three of us were to join the crew to "batten down the hatches" so to speak. In leaving he said, "take the wheel". "Who, me?" I replied. "Yes..no buts, just keep the boat facing that faint light that appears from time to time in the distance."

Well, once I glanced back and saw the stern of our boat pitching back and forth and saw the rough sea and felt the jolt of the splashing waves on the window - well, I was scared. BUT, as long as I kept looking forward - keeping my eyes on that speck of light, I felt more and more confident and I was OK. We did make the port safely.

The bottom line is just this. If our eyes are kept ahead, the "happenings" around us will not drown us. Yes, we will be affected, but we will not be off set. I quickly add, it is not always easy...especially when we feel the pressure against us. Though not easy, it is possible. The more we do it, the more confident we can continue to do so. It is a matter of our will.

My prayer for you

Bless this one, Lord. Amid the storms may they keep their eyes on your son, Jesus. In fact, He even said, "I am the light of the world." Guide this one safely through rough waters and give your love on the peaceful waters.


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