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Years ago, and I mean years ago, my dad, when a boy, made a kite. I think his dad told him how to go about it. You know, take two sticks - fasten them together - get some newspaper and string. Tie string from one stick to the other and continue until the string connects all 4 stick ends. Lay the frame on some newspapers. Fold the edges over the string and glue them down.

My dad says he was real proud of the kite. Even had it flying in the air until his mom called him in for dinner. Not wanting to reel in the kite, he fastened the string that was in his hand to a fence post in the front yard. Everything seemed ok to him. When he returned (and I do not recall whether he said that evening or the next morning) the kite was not to be seen in the sky. The string had broken and was laying on the ground. What a disappointment.

Well, if kites could talk, perhaps this kite that my dad made said, "I do not like this string on me - it is holding me down. I want to be free. If I get rid of this string I could really fly. So, the string is snapped and the kite goes a little higher. But soon, obviously, fall to the earth.

I visited an individual in the hospital once and they said, "I want to be free of this sickness." The scripture I shared with them was:

"My grace is sufficient for you for my power is made perfect in weakness."2 Cor.12:9

When I am sick, or going through a windy experience, my first thought is to get freedom from it. Like, if I did not have this difficulty, I could really "go up". But you know, my friend, it is these very experiences that let us see into the heavens of God. Our hearts can soar to the highest of heights. So, yes, asks God to cut the string, but if it does not happen, then thank Him for the grace to endure.

My prayer for you

Lord, I ask that your blessing be given to this special reader. This one has your attention....a valuable one known to you. May they accept/soar with a difficult situation, or a sickness or a misfortune with courage and your grace. In Jesus' name.


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