Words For Courageous Living


If you were to place before me two diamonds, one being the real thing, the other an imitiation, the chances are I could not tell the difference. Most would fall in the same catagory. In fact, I am told, unless you have a trained eye, most would be fooled.

I am told there is a way that my untrained eye can detect the difference. How? Simply put both stones under water. That's right, under water. It is such a simple test. Who would have thought? The imitation diamond is almost extingished, while the genuine diamond will sparkle, even under water. The contrast between the two under water will be really apparent even to the least experienced eye.

So, I ask the question, "Are you failing under the water test?" When trouble comes and you are "put under" so to speak, do you still shine. I have known many, many people who when thrust into a difficult situation, or who go through severe trials, have shone their faith even down under. To be able to shine when sad or heart broken is to let the eyes of all see that God has one here to will let the postive shine over the negative. Even the untrained eye can see the results of faith.


Lord, in the name of Jesus, I ask that this one reflect your brightness even when submerged under. People will be able to tell to whom this person belongs. Yes, we are God's child through faith in His son, Jesus.


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