Words For Courageous Living


Two men were walking down a country road. One was really troubled. He was expressing his doubt about God, about His goodness, etc. "I don't know what I am to do with all this trouble and worry" he said.

At that moment his friend noticed a cow looking OVER a stone wall. "Do you know why that cow is looking over the stone wall?" he asked his friend. "No" was the reply of the troubled friend. "I will tell you, because the cow can't see THROUGH THE WALL.

He went on to say that that was what you must do with your wall of troubles. Look over it. Look above it.

So I say to every single reader of these lines - no matter where you are, what country you are in, "look over your problems" How?? By faith. Faith will enable you to look over and above every trouble to God who is your help. Maybe you have sung in your life the song, "My faith looks up to thee." If not, you can says the words right now.

AND remember,always, God sees over the fence of your life. I say "amen" to that!

May we pray?

Lord, there are many sermons seen and not heard. For those, I thank you. I thank you that I can learn from people and creatures. For this reader, I ask a special blessings on their eyes, i.e. may they lift them up and over.


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