Words For Courageous Living


I have an interesting story to tell you. I read it years ago. Seems that a family added a patio to their home near the driveway. They also added a brick planter. After the tomatoes had been picked from the vine growing in the planter, a number of bulbs were planted.

Winter came and with that the use of their fire place. During the wood burning season, the kids dumped the ashes from the fireplace on top of the planter. It was not long before the planter was completely covered. With the snow, rain and harsh winter, soon the planter was a real messy area.

But as the months passed and the sun warmed the planter something beautiful began to appear. In the middle of that planter covered with ashes some green shoots were beginning to appear. It was obvious that in time there would be a beautiful display of color - actually coming out of the drab ash bed.

I know that I have discovered when my life is leading me through the "ash heap", when there is sorrow, broken heart over a situation, a time when I am wondering what I will do, God has reminded me to have HOPE. There are "winter months" of our life, even in the hot summer time. We have dumped our problems on our self. Maybe this is your case right now. If so, take heart, my friend.

Let this scripture verse be planted in your memory,

"To all who mourn...He will give beauty for ashes." Isaiah 61:3

May I pray for you?

Lord, give seeds of hope to this reader and may they grow up by the warmth of God's love. In the midst of depression, toil, unhappiness or spiritual valleys, cause this one to know of your presence and care.


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