Words For Courageous Living


This story came out of the coal field country during the turn of the century. A young boy got a job working in the coal mine. Great? Yes and no. The down side was that when he went down under, being a newcomer, he was given the most unwanted task.

The unwanted task was driving the mule and the car through the dark tunnels where "runaway" cars had caused some deaths in the past. On his first trip with a load of coal the young man approached one of the most dangerous intersections. He was so full of fear that he just, like, froze in the blackness. He was unable to move forward. Perspiration appeared on his forehead and tears made their way down his face as he very carefully inched his way forward.

THEN a light appeared out of the darkness. The voice he heard was the voice of his father. "It is OK, son." You see the father, who also worked in the mine, had thought his son might have great fear at the intersection.

You know, my friend, life is full of intersections. In fact, you may be at one right now. The action of that father is a mirror of the action of the Heavenly Father. He cares a great deal about you (believe it or not).When fear of the darkness of a situation appears and we seem to freeze, listen for the voice of your Father. "It is OK".

Listen to His Word: Genesis 26:24 "Fear not for I am with you."

My prayer for you

Lord, life is full of dark intersections. I ask, in the name of Jesus, that this one receive comfort from your presence - light for their darkness - and encouragement to "cross the street".


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