Words For Courageous Living

Some out of town company had arrived at our home. In our family room I pulled from the book case a volume entitled: San Fransisco. On the cover was a picture of the famous Golden Gate Bridge. I had it shared with me that during the construction of the 757 million dollar bridge no safety devices were used at first. On account of that 23 men fell to their death during the construction. Naturally this is hard to take from the family side as well as from the company side.

In the second phase of construction, it was decided to install a - well, what could be called a "safety net". Sure enough the idea was approved and even though it cost $100,000 at that time all were pleased. It was termed: The largest safety net in the world. And rightly so.....it saved the lives of at least 10 men who fell to it without injury.

Well the story does not stop here. In addition to that fact, the work, I am told, went on from 15 to 25% faster with the men. Why? Because they were relieved from the fear of falling. That knowledge that they were safe kept the men free so they could devote their energies to the task at hand, that of building a bridge, not falling off it. Paul put it this way:

"I am convinced that...neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord." (Romans 8:39)

Underneath you - at this very moment, in your circumstance - are the everlasting arms.

My prayer for you

Lord by faith we know your arms are there. Let us act on our faith and not our feeling. Thank you for your protection in the hours ahead for this special special reader.


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