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This story came out of the country of India. It seems that a little boy's job was to carry stones from a small quarry. That might not be such a hard thing to do normally, but in this case he had to carry them up a hill to a new building that was under construction. Further, the stones were carried in a basket on his head.

Naturally his back and shoulders ached as he walked with great difficulty up and down the hill. Many times he thought he would never be able to make it to the top with the heavy load. But, (let me put that in caps..) BUT, half way up the hill there was a place for him to stop and rest a moment. There a large slab of stone had been laid across two large posts. When he reached that place he could easily shift the basket to the stone slab and rest until he felt strong enough to go on. What did he call that place. "The rest stone" How appropriately named.

I tell you, my friend, I need a rest stone in my life. It is needed just for the regular, daily things that have to be done, not to mention the unpredicted events that occur. And I proclaim to you that Jesus IS THAT STONE. In fact the Bible refers to Him as a stone. Listen: "...Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone." (Eph. 2:20) He is referred to, further, as a sure stone, a foundation stone, a living stone and an elected stone. Praise God. I can carry my burdens to him and get some relief. Burdens come in different descriptions. i.e. sin, trouble, worry, problems of all kinds.


Lord, I ask in the name of Jesus that your blessing rest on this one. May they, indeed, carry all concerns to you and get some much needed relief. As Jesus has carried all to the cross so as we come to the cross we can sing, "every burden of my heart rolled away". Thank you for your stone-son to give us relief in the midst of walking the "up hills of our life."


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