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I asked about an individual the other day. I wondered if he was a" work-a-holic"? The reply was an assuring "no". But there are, however, those who are. So I wonder if anyone has ever died of such a disorder?

Dr. Charles Mayo, of the Mayo clinic once said, "I have never known a man who died from overwork, but many who died from doubt." Pretty good, huh?

Well, I have known many who fell in the boat of doubt, lack of trust, worry and you name it. All of those words fall in the category of "fretting". And, without a doubt all of us have been guilty of fretting. Some, sad to say, really get with it, as the saying goes. Some live the word constantly, others just from time to time. Even that is too much.

Why does the singer of Israel say in Psalm 37

"Fret not."?

Because I am told fretting raises blood pressure. That's right. It also brings on tension headaches and though not the cause (we know medically what causes ulcers) it does aggravate that part of our system.

If you are going through a period of conflict or adjustment, or an issue that is draining your thought process - let it go. Don't go in, my friend, to the house of fretting. As you come to it's door, say "pardon me, wrong house". That is what I said only a few minutes ago when the telephone rang. "You have the wrong number" Fretting will do a number on you. The answer is to rest in the Lord. That is what he said. "Come unto me all you that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest...come to me and you will find rest for your soul."

My prayer for you:

Lord, give this special person special grace. May they not give in to doubt, lack of trust and worry. Bless this one - especially, and especially right now.


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