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No doubt you have heard the story of two individuals who were looking at a glass with water only to the half mark. One stated: "The glass is half full." The other said, "The glass is half empty." The answer, of course, reflected their point of view - how their eyes perceived the situation. Both were right, both were wrong. Interesting, huh?

It was brought to my attention sometime ago that when a bird drinks it looks up. When a pig drinks, it looks down. I thought that was really interesting. Where are your eyes focused when going through a difficult situation? It is, indeed, important to have our eyes focused properly through situations..

Jeremiah stated there are people

"who have eyes, and see not." (5:21)

My idea is that it is impossible for our eyes to see our face. Our face can only be seen through a mirror, a reflection or through the eyes of someone else who would "talk" that they see. It appears that our vision of understanding is also distorted. We need to have the Lord open our eyes to see our circumstances. To see as He sees. (Now, that will certainly change our attitute.) Herein lies the challenge. Relate a personal "happening" to the half full glass of water. Boy, I can swim with that.

May we pray?

Lord, as you touched the eyes of the blind man, so touch the spiritual eyes of this friend. May they perceive their situation correctly. Clean the dust off their spiritual lens. When they drink/live their situation, may they, like the bird, LOOK UP TO YOU. This will allow them to properly "swallow" their situation.


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