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A number of years ago I was walking around our home in King City, California and noticed growing about two inches from the foundation of the house a small tree - only, like, a few inches high. It had only one stem but several tiny leaves that identified it as a tree.

Later I decided to pull it up and transplant it to a small pot, which I did. It was moved to the sunward side of our home. A few months later, the tree had tripled in height and the trunk had doubled in size, so I again transplanted it to an even larger pot.

How like that little tree we are. If the world does not crowd us out, the darkness of sin hinder our growth. It is by faith, my friend, that we can transfer or transplant ourselves to the sunward side of living - that is with the Son of Righteousness, Jesus. It takes something on our part to receive. We have to lift our hearts to Him. When we do - something does happen. Life takes on a new meaning. There is growth.

The tree I mentioned? Well, years later it is growing in our back yard and giving shade for the grandchildren. I sometimes say to them, "I planted that tree."

My prayer for you

Lord, I ask that this one "move in attitude" from a position that is shady to the sunward side of life. Transplanting themselves is done by faith. Then, in a new position, water them and make real the scripture, "...like a tree planted near the water" they will have life and have it abundantly.


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