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We used to live about an hour and a half drive from Carmel by the Sea, California, USA. Every now and then we would make the drive and enjoy a morning or afternoon. Among the many features it boosts is the "most photographed tree in the world". It is unique - the tree is almost grotesque in its lopsidedness. It stands all by itself perched on a little cliff.

To me it stands as a representative of many other trees growing inland. Of course in Northern California there are all type trees that beckon one's attention. However, those trees that "live" on the coast are as rugged as the landscape itself. There seems to a strength in the trees. If they could speak, they could say, "Well, I may be blown against with great force and I may face horrible, cutting elements - wind....rain....sleet....etc., but I will, by these elements, grow strong.

In fact, sometimes one side of a tree will look different from another side. Especially those which are growing on the edge of the forest. You see, nature has developed - let's call it an attitude - with the growth and appearance of the trees.

Now, this is where you and I come in. We may have blown in our face some difficult situations - winds of adversity, beating rain of some seemingly unending situation....(you name it______)... Yet in it all I proclaim that God is with you to strengthen you.He will actually use that rough time to develope the very fiber of your life.

Trust me on that, I know from experiences! Truly God is our strength.

"But the salvation of the righteous is from the Lord; HE IS THEIR STRENGTH IN THE TIME OF TROUBLE." Psalm 37:39

My prayer for you

I ask, Lord, that amid the pressure of the storm or storms, that this one really find strength in you. May however severe the situation, may they reach down deep with their roots of faith and may they grow strong and develope the inner beauty which you can provide.


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