Words For Courageous Living

As I walked up to our front door the other day I was met with a loud chirping and an assortment of bird sounds. What is happening, I thought. Then I noticed that there apparently was a nest (unaware to me) in the ivy at the top of a large picture window in the front of our house. Not only was it lunch time for me, but it was flying time for the young!!!

Thought I could not actually see momma or papa bird "kicking out the child from the nest" apparently that was on the agenda. I saw this little creature start to fall....down, down, and then before it hit the concret,....up, up, and away. What that bird did was to "try the air" (an expression I picked up from a J.B. Figgis ).

TRY THE AIR is what we all must do. Not just once, but daily insofar as our faith is concerned. To quote from Figgis, "It may seem as though you must drop to the earth; so it may seem to the bird. It, too, may feel very like falling; but it does not fall - it's pinins give it support, or if they fail, the parent birds sweeps under and bears it upon its wings. Even so will God bear you. Only trust Him...'Am I to cast myself on nothing?' That is what the bird seems to have to do; but we know THE AIR IS THERE, and the air is not so unsubstantial as it seems. And YOU know the promises of God are there and they are not unsubstantial at all."

We do trust Him, because of all the promises (some 1050 in N.T.). One promise is He will always we with us.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding." (Prov. 3:5-7)

God, with eyes close I will leap through a difficult situation.


I want to thank you, Lord, that you will not let this one fall. You have promised that all things will work together for good, to those that love the Lord. Lord, we love you. Bless this special person now to flap their wings of faith, in the name of Jesus.


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