Words For Courageous Living

When I was, like..., 9 perhaps my parents gave me piano lessons. I must hasten to say that I did not stay with it. I don't know what happened. We did move from Memphis, Tennessee to Louisiana at that time, however. Later in college I took one semester, but it soon became apparent that we were "not meant for each other". I did try!

But what brings me to that story is my one and only recital. I can't recall now the name of the song, but I do recall what happened to the sheet music. Before my time on the stage, I folded the music and put it in my back pocket. When I heard, "Neal, you are on" I took it out, and walked out on stage.

Seating at the piano I sat up the music before me. I took a deep breath (I suppose) and started playing what I had rehearsed over and over before. I had only played a few measures, when the music fell. (The creases in the paper made it almost impossible for the music to stay upright.) Well, that was embarrasing. So, I put the sheet music up and started over. Why not. But, would you believe it - - the sheet music fell again. Oh no. So, I stopped. Tried to put it up and for the third time started from the beginning. Now, my friend, would you believe it fell again. IT DID!!!

This time I was determine not to start over (I was probably beet red by now) so I just played with the sheet music laying on top of my hand. A lady sitting next to my mom (not knowing she was who she was) said, "My, isn't he great!" You know my mom's answer!!!

The point is - I tried - and got through it. Not unlike the story I once heard of a boy playing a violin solo. After beginning 3 or 4 times, he gave up. His father got up from the audience and most people thought he was going to scold the people for their rudeness because some were snickering. Instead he went to his son, put his arm around him and said, "That's all right, son. You tried."

Today, my friend, when you are not accomplishing what you want, or there appears to be a delay, or things are not playing out right, let me encourage you with these words,

"Don't be afraid, you are worth more..."

These words from Jesus found in Matt. 10:31 encourage me that my value to God is really great. Further, like that time when He was with 3 of his disciples on the Mt. Transfiguration. We were told they were afraid - and (like He put His arm around them) said, (it's ok) "Be not afraid."

If you do fail, keep on. If things are falling on you (like my fingers) keep on keeping on. God is with you and all He asks is that you try. Through any difficult time don't give up or give in. Keep playing "your tune" and your Heavenly Father will put His arm around you, also.

My prayer for you

Lord, I ask that this friend forget past mistakes and failures and let You pick them up and carry them along. May their confidence not be in themselves but in you and in your power. Falling and then getting up is not wrong, but stopping is. Bless this one especially I ask in the name of Jesus.


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