Words For Courageous Living

Through the spirit and according to the Word of God, I can see who is with you right now!!! Before I comment on that, let me share this experience I had.

One of my children was making a move and asked if Nancy and I would help in the move. I made arrangements with my son Bryan to borrow one of his vehicles - a pick up truck. The instructions were to go to his house early in the a.m. - if Elaine, his wife, had already left the house with the children the keys would be in a certain place. When we got to their house (earlier than we had expected) they were still there, so Bryan gave me a SINGLE KEY. I very casually, let it slip into my left blue jean pocket.

Now the plans changed and Bryan drove the truck to work instead and we were to go there and get the truck for the move.

Being early as I mentioned, Nancy and I stopped to have breakfast. We then drove several blocks where Bryan had left the pick up. As we approached the pick up I reached into my pocket to get the single key. You guessed it! It was not there. How could I have lost it! Maybe it fell on their floor when I was given the key and I did not hear it. So we drove back to the house (less than 10 miles) but to no avail. Then we drove to where we had breakfast. I checked the parking lot where we had parked the car. Not there! I went in and checked around the cash register. Not there!

Checking my pockets again and again and there was no key to be found. BUT, I remembered that I had taken 2 bills out of my left blue jean pocket at the cash register and put them in my billfold. (I have never in my life put bills in my pocket like that.) Then after all this running around, almost at the same time Nancy and I said, "check in the billfold". I did and, yes, there it was. The single key had been lodged between the folded bills. It just never got to the bottom of my pocket.


I can not convey to you how quickly and "loudly" came the song to my mind, "He was there all the time."

Now, back to who is with you right now. Have you guessed? JESUS, THE SON OF GOD. My friend, I feel that too often we forget that Jesus is with us ALL THE TIME. And that time means times of difficulty, times of pain, times of harships, times of temptations. Yes, also times of joy, times of laughter, times of victory that comes to our life.

You can check out his promise to you in Matthew 28:20

"And surely I am with you ALWAYS, to the very end of the age."

That experience helped me. When I realized what had happened, I knew I had another web page and another sermon to my congregation.

May I pray for you?

Lord, all I can do is say thank you, thank you, thank you that you are the unseen person with this on-line friend right now. You are with us to aid us, help us, defend us and protect us. May we, more than ever before, consult you in all the happenings of our life.


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