Words For Courageous Living

Yesterday, as of this writing, I had my RV parked up in the mountains near a lake. I call it my outdoor office because I go there most every Thursday to get away from the office to study, plan, and be with the Lord. I take my cell phone and laptop computer to do among other things, these Words for Courageous Living.

So yesterday I was writing and there was a knock on the door. I looked over and there was an officer. They were looking for a lost boy and she was asking permission to enter and look around. So she searched my "office". Obviously not finding the boy she thanked me and left - telling me in answer to my question, "How many are in the search?" 50 or so.

Then I got to thinking about the time I was coming across the border from Mexico to USA. At the check point one officer motioned me out of the line and directed me to park my van in a special area. "What now?" I thought. Then it became apparent that they suspected I was smuggling drugs so this crew of guys went through my van. Again I was searched. Need I say, nothing found!

These experiences lead me to contemplate Jer. 17:10:

"I the Lord SEARCH the heart."

You know our heart is a very private thing. I can not search your heart - though I can often see manifestatins of what is IN your heart. Like Jesus said, out of the heart preceeds various things. We often hide behind a mask. Therefore people - most of the time - don't know our feelings. Those feelings can be loneliness, despair, frustration, anger, rebellion and desperation. So, I say the words of David, "Search me O God and know my heart." (Psa. 139:23)

When I ask that - it is not like God not knowing, but it is LIKE I am saying, "After you get in there and see all the ugglies help me in and through them." For those things that I have buried and am not aware of....then reveal them to me. Then progress can be made. We say, "Change my heart, O God". It is only by his power that such can be had. But He needs our cooperation.


Lord you do know us better than we ourselves. May this one allow you to search them. May this one then respond to what is revealed, and may this one look to you for help in making the change. In Jesus' name


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