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I want to share with you about rowboats, sailboats and steamboats. In the past I have done a little rowing. Nothing special, just out fishing in a lake that did not allow motorboats. Then there were times I was just playing around. Sailboat. Well, once a doctor friend of mine took me out on his sailboat in Monterey Bay, California, USA. He gave me a "crash course" in sailing. But I was not too impressed with sailing.

Now Steamboats. I have always been interested in them. I used to pastor a church adjacent to the Mississippi River. That river has a long history of steamboats. In fact, once we even decorated a guest bedroom with pictures of steamboats, and old fashioned furniture.

With those three type vessels in mind, let me draw this idea out for you, especially with their load capacity and their motion. The rowboat carries the least because its motion depends on the strength of those who are rowing. The sailboat carries a little more for its motion depends on the wind. But, there is a chance that the wind could be too strong and toss the boat around - even off course.

But you take the steamboat! It depends neither on human strength nor on the winds, BUT on the power WITHIN. (Are you getting the analogy?)This is what Christ desires of us. He desires His followers to develop the capacity to carry a heavy load in life without permiting that load to depress them.

2 Chr. 32:7, "For there is...power within us."

Yes, we have Jesus IN us. That is why the Word further says, "Not by power, BUT BY my spirit, saith the Lord." May we depend on Him!! I must also mention that I am told, the heavier the load, the smoother the sailing. This may sound strange, but this can also work in our life. The Lord has provided a way to move a great load (of life) smoothly. It is through Him.

My prayer for you, my friend

In Jesus name, I ask that this one's life be like the steamboat in every respect. May they feed on the Word that will produce a relationship that will produce a power within. May they depend upon you, Lord, and not the things or the people of the world.


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