Words For Courageous Living

I am out trimming the shrub next to our front picture window and in picking up the clippings I see a "train of ants". I did take the time to watch them for a minute. My, they were really moving - like, "picking them up and putting them down".In the coure of time, I upset their track and that send them in all directions.

I recall once at a picnic I noticed a lonely ant, away from the rest of his family. There was a rather large crumb nearby so I directed the ant with my finger to the crumb. He took it - and it must have taken all of his might, to catch up with the others. I am sure that every time I placed my finger on the ground in front of him to change the direction of his path he must have thought, "This is the end of the world." But, in fact, it was actually that which directed him to the meal of his life.

You know, my friend, I have often been reminded that when God puts obstacles in front of me - changing my direction (what ever it was) that it has got to be for my benefit.

While we are on the ant subject, I recall reading about an ant. He was seen carrying a long piece of straw. Finally it came to a crack in the rock which was like a precipice to the tiny creature. After attempting to take its burden across in several ways, the ant went to one end of the straw and pushed it in front of him over the crack till it reached to the other side. He then crossed over on the straw, pulled it after him. In Prov. 6:6 I read

"Go to the ant...consider its ways."

My friend, there is no burden which you and I carry faithfully and patiently, but will some day become a bridge to carry us. The God of circumstances will not place a burden upon us that is heavier than we can bear. It is only heavy enough to serve as a bridge to carry us over.

May I pray for you?

Lord, I ask that this one not fight your direction in a particular area in their life. May they take that which is a burden to them at this very moment and ask how it can be made into a bridge. In the name of Jesus.


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