Words For Courageous Living

I have these really neat dreams EVERY NIGHT. Most of them do not make much sense, but they make for conversation every morning when my wife and I sit on the patio or living room and have our morning coffee. But, let me tell you about the dream of one lady.

She dreamed she died and went to heaven. As one of the angels was showing her about the rooms of that glorioius place, she was brought to a large room where many bundles were piled in a corner. Finding her name on several bundles, she asked for an explanation, saying as she did so, "I remember praying for thoses very things when I was down on earth."

The angel replied, "Yes, when any of God's children make requests to him, preparations are made to give the answer, but the angels are told if the petitioner is not WAITING for the answer to return with it and store it in this room."

Question? Could this account for failure many times to receive answers to our prayers? I know sometimes I find difficulty in waiting. What about you? It is like, say, one of my grandchildren come to me and say "Papa, could we go out and get some icecream?"- - THEN IMMEDIATELY, they leave and go out the back door to play. It leaves me getting ready to answer "yes" but they are not there to hear. David put it like this (Psalm 40:1)

"I waited patiently for the Lord."

It goes on to say that God inclined unto him and heard his cry. It seems that waiting patiently on anything - spiritually, or physically, or whatever, is not a great virtue in this wide world. Agree?

Well, as I type these lines to you, I am typing a memo to myself to be more patient in waiting for God's reply to my many, many requests. It will help me get through this day and into the next.

Let's pray

We are told, Lord, to ask. I ask that this one be blessed at this time. I ask that in the decisions that they have to make they take time to let you lead them. I ask that they be given light for any darkness through which they may be going and that you give them peace for any turmoil. In the name of Jesus.


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