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Because I live in a small town, I can easily walk to my office. (In fact, at one time I knew the number of steps taken in the less than 10 minute walk.) In two different places - several blocks apart - the sidewalk is elevated. As I observe I find that in both incidents roots of a nearby tree have "forced the sidewalk UP"

I also have a home office and when I first placed concrete stepping stones in front of the outside door I had to first cut a small thick green plant. It was cut down deep - the concrete stepping stones placed on top and all was well...That is for less than a year. THEN it happened. One of the stones begin rising above its companions.

At first I was confused, wondering why, but it soon became apparent that "life was underneath" and it was responding to heat and moisture. The pressure of the "former" thick green plant was now making itself known as it literally pushed the stone up.

These experiences draw on a memory in my mind of a grain elevator in the mid west, USA.

A large grain elevator had been built - the floor beingt 18" thick. For a year and ahalf one-half million bushels of wheat rested on that floor. When the wheat was removed the workmen noticed the floor raised a number of inches. When the area was removed and replaced it was found that a growing plant had lifted up the solid concrete floor. Where did it get its power?

It is true my friend, that while plants get their power from the sun, so we, as children of God through faith in Jesus, get out power also from the "son" i.e. Jesus.

You may not think you have any special gift, or any special way out of a situation, but you do have as you rely on the "son". When things seem impossible - the Son of Righteousness can lift you up - up. Faith lets Christ do for you and with you what you could never do alone.

I think of that often when I walk to work and pass the raised concrete.

My prayer for you

Lord, I ask in the name of Jesus that this on-line reader take a deep breath of your son-shine. Let them never be put to shame regarding what they can't do. May they live Paul's words (Phil. 4:13) I CAN do all things through Jesus who gives me the STRENGTH."


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