Words For Courageous Living

I would like to say, "Hey, look at me." "See my hand signal." If this was possible and you could see - I am making the letter "T" with my two hands. The palm of my right hand is over the tip of my left hand fingers. (Believe it or not, I just did it!)

This signal is used in some sports. It is like, you can't hear me speaking, so look at my hand motions. It is like sign language. I am making a statement to you, my friend. I am encouraging you to go to TIME OUT. "Who...me?" you ask. Yes! There is no one in the whole world reading these lines (I have had e-mails from nearly 110 countries) who can not benefit from "time out"

In sports such a time allows the players to take a break, to get rest, to plan their strategy, even to get strength for the rest of the game.

I need not remind you, my friend, that you are in a game of life. That expression has been used so much that it does not have any punch to it at all I feel.) Life is not easy. (Like, tell me about it!)

We have got to make it a habit to read the time out signal from the Lord daily. When we participate in that you will receive strength. That strength will be not just physical (that is a given) but spiritual strength. Strength for your soul. The soul is our mind, will and emotions. Getting the needed strength allows us to go on more confidently.

The time out also gives us a breather to ask God's direction in a particular matter. How important it is not to get so involved in the living activities that we forget the "life in Christ". I once told a successful business man that it appeared that he was so busy making a living that he was failing to make a life.

The Heavenly Father gave such a hand signal to His son, Jesus. Because we are told (Luke 5:16)

"Jesus withdrew to the wilderness and prayed."

Scripture informs us that he often went to a quite place and got by himself. Could you, or would you do just that after reading these words?

May I pray for you?

Lord, taking time out is so important. May this one be encouraged to do even more than they are. In doing so thank you that they will find the peace that is so crucial to a fast paced world. Encourage them to take time out when they are confused, when they are troubled, when they are agitated and ...when they are "when ever". Truly in quietness is their strength.


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