Words For Courageous Living

Believe it or not - there are angels in the room where you are! Of course, there could be many questions associated with Psalm 91:11

"He will give His angels charge over you to keep you in all your ways."

Let me share with you a what I will call a "parable" in this true story. It has to do with Raphael's famous painting, the "Sistine Madonna".

The background of the picture is formed of clouds. For many years the masterpiece hung in its gallery uncleaned, until it was begrimed with dirt. The background of clouds had all the appearances of storm-clouds, dark and full of threatening. Then one day the picture was cleaned and the cleaning led to a discovery.

The background, it was found, was composed not of atmospheric clouds at all, BUT of multitudes of angel faces - massed together.

For years, because of their imperfect vision, men had misconceived the nature of the background. Are you with me?? Sometimes we might imagine that there are storm clouds over us - and hanging low at that. We feel threatened by the "happenings of our life" so here is where we need a clearer vision of what is actually happening TO us. Recognize an angel face. You have heard the statement, "frowning Providence", whereas just behind there is a "smiling face".

What could be a place of confidence we turn it into a place of fear.

Take the faith cleaning cloth and wipe away all the grim (of sin, disbelief, etc.) and actually see the presence and providence of Almighty God. It WILL make a difference in your outlook.

My prayer for you

I thank you Lord that you are with this one at this moment - yes, just where they are reading these words. May that FACT encourage, bless and be what is needed to see beyond what is around them to what IS, in the name of Jesus.


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