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I have been wearing glasses for a few years. Especially do I need them for reading. When I first got them I had two pairs. One for reading, one for just "seeing" (Bear in mind, my eyes are not really that bad.) The first time I tried to use them in public was a disaster. It was at a city wide Thanksgiving service. So, sitting in front of everyone, I put one on to sing and read, another to just see better. What a mess and what confussion. So, soon there after I got a pair of bifocal glasses. That made life much easier for me. However now I am a "contact" man. And, just for the record I only wear one - yep (1). I put it in my right eye every morning. So the "eye-deal" is I am looking at this computer screen with my right eye and when I look up at the person just coming in my office now, I view her through the left eye. Crazy. Yep, no doubt, but my brain knows how to do it and it does work

Anyway, I started typing about my two pair of glasses. Now, let me tell you the story of another man who had two pair of eye glasses.. He was former President Roosevelt. Everywhere he went he was forced to take 2 pairs. On the evening that he was shot in the city of Milwaukee by Schrenk, the surgeon who was examining the wounded man handed the steel glass case to him with this remark. The case in your pocket broke the force of the bullet and deflected its course from the heart. It undoubtedly saved your life.

Now, my friend, the President's remarks are for you and me.

"Well, that's strange, as he took the case with the shattered glasses, I've always considered the burden and handicap of having to carry those two pairs of glasses, especially these heavy ones that were in this case. Here it has saved my life."

My friend, it is not always easy to trace the hand of God in the events of our life (like what you are going through right now) but it is possible to do so.

I can not think of a better word from God than, (Romans 8:28) "All things work together for good, to them that love the Lord."

Let's pray

In the name of Jesus, I ask that this reader faith the difficulty through which they are going. If it is considered heavy (like Roosevelt's case) may they know that it is for their good - and someday in looking back they will "see" and declare that fact! While we are encouraged by what has "not happened" to us in the past, by faith we are encouraged into the future of "what will".


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