Words For Courageous Living

It was after supper and I told my wife I was going out doors to do some trimming and watering. When I directed the water from the hose toward a particular spot all of a sudden a large moth like insect flew out. I thought nothing about it. That is, until the next morning I was reading in Hosea 5.12

The great picture in that chapter shows how God IS FOR US. Even in hard times there are certain things that He allows or brings upon us. (Are you there??) After speaking of the sin of Israel that took that nation away from Him, God says, "Therefore, will I be unto Ephraim as a moth..."

You know, some little insect comes into life and nests among the things we value. Suddeny we realize that corruption is there. My friend, God means this to be a sign that will cause us to turn to Him.

Well, suppose we do not turn? Then in vs. 14 he says, "I will be unto Ephraim as a LION. This shows the progress of God's love. I suppose we could call this the story of the Moth and the Lion, huh? When a moth does damage to a rug, for example, we can turn the run around next to the wall, or we can place something over it where the damage can't be seen. At this point, God is forced to send the "lion" and maybe with no warning.

So fear grips us, our blood runs cold. But it is so good if one realizes that this is the Lord of LOVE who is calling us to turn from a particular path.

So, it is true on the flip side of this that many are not moved by either. Still, God is there, though forced (in a way) to hide his face. That leaves them unconcerned and perhaps in a restless and uneasy worry, but in it all, God is being good to them and holding the door of "salvation" open and calling them to Himself.

The bottom line is that I want to be aware (keenly so) each day of the happenings in my life. I WANT TO USE THEM, NOT BE USED BY THEM.

My prayer for you

Lord, for our own good, thank you for sending the (those little irritations) and "lions into this one's life. May their attitude be one of RESPONDING and not reacting. Bless this one especially at this time and the hours ahead in the name of Jesus.


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