Words For Courageous Living

I want to share a true story with you. I also want you to make your own conclusions and relate it to an experience through which you may right now be going.

During the French and Indian war a family of Friends seemed to have no fear of the indians. They never had any locks or bolts to their doors, but to please their neighbors they did what the others were doing. To them it seemed needless to pull in at night the string that lifted the latch to the door.

One night as they lay in bed the husband and wife were discussing how they had always trusted God and so being of the same mind, he got up and put the latch-string out.

That same night the indians came. They pulled the string and went into the house, talked a little among themselves and went out and shut the door. The next day the Quakers found that their neighbors' homes had all been forcibly entered and all the neighbors killed.

It seems that years later it was learned from the chief who had been the leader in the attack that when he saw the latch-string out - it was a SIGN OF CONFIDENCE. It changed their mind. He said, "These people are not our enemies. They are protected by the Great Spirit."

Now, I AM NOT SUGGESTING that you leave your front door unlocked. Hear me, please! That is not what I am saying. What I am saying is what was represented by the act of those people.

In and through it all (that is the ups and downs and inbetweens) we must have a confidence in God. He is Almighty!!! Through a difficult situation, God reigns. This we have to believe. Further, He will protect you through it. In Psa. 12:5 the words are:

"Because of the oppression of the weak and the groaning of the needy, I will now arise," says the Lord. "I will PROTECT them from those who would do them evil."

This is a verse worthy of latching onto.

My prayer for you, my friend

May this one latch on with all their might to you, Lord, in all the doorways of their life. May their confidence increase. Truly you are a great God and you have great love for this one. In Jesus' name.


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