Words For Courageous Living

I am in counsel with a number of individuals, at the time of this writing. Mr. A can't pay his rent because someone lied about his income and his check was reduced; Mrs. B is ill; Mrs. C has probems with a family member; Mr. D is in jail; Mr. E is frustrated and can't make decisions; Mrs. F has suffered a stroke, can't talk and has cancer; Mrs. G needs better relations with husband...the list can go on.

But what do all these people have in common?? The bottom line of every visit I have with them. PLEASE, HANG ON TO HOPE.

The arm of flesh will fail, but God has promised otherwise. He says, (Psa. 130:7)

"Oh Israel (___put your name here____) put your hope in the Lord."

When one looses their hope - they have lost everything that makes life worth living. A great artist was once asked, "What's the best picture you've ever painted?" "The next one," he replied. Another artist was lamenting, "Too bad I failed," though he was at the heighth of his glory. "Why do you say that?" asked a friend in astonishment. "Because I've lost any hope of improvement," he said.

Well, my friend, he was right. The person who has stopped hoping has truly failed.

In your situation - have hope. As the song goes, "I've got high hope..." It is TRUE, "those who hope in the Lord, will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles..."

Now if your situation does not change, that does not change your hope. God is with you IN it and He will bring you THROUGH it.

May I pray for you?

Lord, I ask that your mercy and grace be extended to his special on-line reader. Give them renewed incentive to not only "hang in" but "hang on" to you, your promises, your way and most of all your love.


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