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Lately my wife, Nancy, and I have a system regarding dinner. She will prepare (and does she ever) the dinner and I will clean up. It works good. But there are new dishes every evening to put in the dishwasher. That is a given! Now cleaning the kitchen - and it doesn't take very long with just the two of us at home - it is a daily activity. That is like house - keeping. There is a continual sweeping, cleaning. It is a perpetual battle with all sorts of dust and even germs (ha. ha)

Now, heart cleaning is much like house cleaning. It can not be done just one time and that is that. It it could be done only once we all would have an easy time of life. But because there are the assults of temptations (frequent) and the job of keeping the "inner man" correct one has to clock in daily. One could get discouraged and it spill over into the daily activities, even work. Our heart condition does show. The attitude that we have about a certain person or certain situation does make its appearance.

It is much like the man who bought a new watch. After a short period of time he returned to the jeweler inquiring about the guarantee. After all, it was a gold watch. The case looked as if it had been made of brass. The jeweler, after looking at it, asked the young man if he had been taking any medication. "Medication? - none of your business and what does that have to do with it?" He mentioned that he was taking a persciption containing iron. "Well," said the jeweler, "the iron has come out with the perspiration and has tarnished the case." He cleaned it up with a solution.

But, my friend, isn't this a good illustration of our life? What is within comes out! Jesus put it this way (Luke 6:45)

"Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks."

So, this takes me back to the house/heart cleaning . What is in your heart will come to the surface. Don't expect to carry gold-appearing watches, if you have a brass heart. Do not expect that your diamonds will sparkle if your spirit is gloomy. Ask God to create in you a clean heart and a right spirit within. This is how to be a winner through any situation that seems to be difficult.

My prayer for you:

I ask Lord that this one do a heart inspection. May the search light of the Holy Spirit shine bright. Thank you that the blood of Jesus (when asked and applied) will cleanse any "dirt" in our heart. In the name of Jesus.


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