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As we tend to become like the people we associate with, likewise we tend to be more like our thoughts! Nancy and I have lived in the state of Illinois and Michigan. Both are known for their winters with blankets of snow and ice. We have many times marveled at the icicles being formed on the roof tops. I can recall some being really, really long. They just started off short and later when looking a them they had increased in length.

Do you ever noticed how an icicle is formed? You noticed that it froze one drop at a time until it was a foot or so long. It is drop upon drop upon drop. If the water was clear, the icicle remained clear and sparkled in the sun - like a diamond, but if the water was slightly muddy, the icicle looked dull and its beauty was spoiled. So our character and our life - formed by one thought or feeling at a time. Proverbs 23:7 puts it like this

"As a man thinketh, so is he."

If your thoughts are negative you will spiral down; if your thoughts are positive they will be like a crystal clear icicle. To be encouraged through situations and to ask God to help you think will form something beautiful. Yes, things may be really bad, but one does not have to contantly think such. Try to see the situation from a heavenly perspective. I have certainly found that all bad things are not bad things.

Remember the Gospel According to an Icicle. May your thoughts be pure and bright, because as you think, so you are.

Let's pray

Lord, I ask that this on not continue in a negative mode - adding one thought drop to another in despair and thus producing a dull life. May they have "your thoughts" and then they will shine as does the sun on a hanging icicle. Give peace and inner security to this one, in the name of Jesus.


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