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The other day I was HIT by a blind man!! I was driving out of an alley in a nearby city. When I reached the sidewalk I paused before driving across it and on to the street. Since the traffic was heavy, I had to wait. All of a sudden, while I was waiting I heard a "thud" and then felt someone "hitting" my car. My first reaction was - what in the world is happening!! I looked in the rear view mirror and saw a man walking around the back of my car. Then as he came into my vision I could see that he was blind and walking with a white cane. You see I was in his way. Every time I think of it I smile...wow...being hit by a blind man.

That man had to exercise a great deal of faith to go out in public - down town - and walk, not actually knowing where he was going. But it was his faith in his cane that would accomplish his destination.

I speak of faith that is needed to walk - maybe blindly - through a situation. It is our holding on to Jesus and using His eyes.

May I share another humorous story? In New Jersey, USA, a woman who had been blind from birth stood at a busy corner. She was waiting for someone to help her. Quietly, but suddenly a man stepped up to her side, took her arm, and said in a low voice, "May I go across the street with you?"

"I would be very glad to have you, if you will," replied the woman. When they got safely across the street the man said, "You know, when a man has been blind as many years as I have, it is a mighty big help to have someone help him across the street." The woman began to laugh, almost hysterically. "Why" "Because I am blind, also." "When you came up to me I thought you were taking pity on me to help me cross."

How did they get across. They had FAITH in each other. We must exercise our faith in God (the unseen) to get across the street of difficulty.

Faith is the corner-stone of all believing. It is that things will get better. Someone wrote regarding the lack of faith, "..birds now flying fearless across the sky would drop in terror to the earth and fish would drown." Have faith in God, my friend. He IS on His throne. Luke 17:5,

"Lord, increase our faith."

My prayer for you, my friend

Lord, many are in a blind situation. I ask that they take your hand and with faith let you lead them into the paths of righteousness. In the name of Jesus.


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