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So I am sitting at the coffee counter at a resturant. While waiting for my sandwich I was served some iced tea. So I "doctored" it up. I put sugar in it to sweeten the tea and then I squeezed the slice of lemon that was wedged on top of the glass. It did not make much sense. The sugar was to sweeten - the lemon was to make it sour? Anyway, I enjoyed the tea. But it is still sorta a mystery how that works.

For me I don't really need to know if the sugar made the change mechanical or chemical. It just worked. (Much like the force of gravity. Gravitation is a mystery, but it works.)

In the same realm I know that if I "drop a prayer" into someone's life, be it mine or a friend, a change occurs. How it is actually brought about I don't really know. While we definitely should pray for one another - and certainly take prayer requests - don't forget to pray for yourself. My self? That's right. In John 17:4,5 Jesus prays for himself. He then goes on to pray for his disciples and even enlarges that field.

Your praying is much like the dropping of sugar in tea. It is effective. Now, you may not SEE the difference. (I certainly couldn't.) But, by faith I knew something was different about my "tea situation".

"The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective."

That word in James 5:16 I want you to latch on during this time in your life.

My prayer for you, my friend

Thank you Lord for the fact, that by dropping a prayer into a day will sweeten that day. May this one keep dropping the prayers in during a difficult situation and continue to stir by faith. In the name of Jesus.


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