Words For Courageous Living

My wife, Nancy, and I were sitting in lawn chairs beside our RV at one of our 5 favorite beaches on the coast of California, USA. The sun was hot, there was a soft offshore breeze and we were basking in the sun reviewing some happenings, as well as some goals.

All of a sudden the silence was broken by a man carrying under one arm a small child and under the other arm a lot of beach paraphemalia. He kept saying, "Come on, come on."

We looked up and saw that lingering behind was a little girl, perhaps 4 or 5 who was refusing to come. Why? The sand was hot for her little feet. Regardless of the number of "come ons" she was not about to move.

So super lifeguard/sufer Neal (do you believe that?) to the rescue. I asked the guy, "Would you mind if I went to your daughter and carried her through the hot sand?" It was a predicted OK, so over I went. Approaching the little girl I said my name was Neal, what's yours? She would not allow me to pick her up until she got the nod from her father.

So, as I walked through the hot sand carrying her and looking down at the sand I could not help noticing ONE SET OF FOOTPRINTS and recalling that wonderful poem. It speaks of two sets and one set of prints in the sand. Why one at times? Answer is during the most troublesome times in my life God carried me.

My friend, life is not a beach, it is hot sand often. We all have it and the words for encouragement are found in Isaiah 46:4

"I will carry you, I will bear you up."

I make an acrostic from the word sand. S=stands for sorrow; A=adversities/afflictions; N=nuisances (you know, any annoying, unpleasant or obnoxious thing) D=dangers and the final S=storms. You sure have those, don't you.

In it all, my friend, acknowledge that God IS available to carry you through your hot sands of life.

Let's pray

I am so thankful, God, that you are aware of this one. David says that more than the grains of sand are the precious thoughs of God toward us. May this one be encouraged, strengthened and blessed by your presence, right now. In the name of Jesus.


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