Words For Courageous Living

In my younger days I did scuba diving. Sometimes I would see a "find" and bring it up - of course, it was nothing great. But I would like to share a happening off the coast of La Jolla, California, USA. A friend of mine and I went out one Saturday morning.

The weather was not good and we should have know better. However, as you know, often times we do things recklessly - and sometimes to our harm. The storm arose, naturally diminishing what little light there was under water. My "friend?" left me to chase a small octopus. I was in uncharted waters to me and to make the experience even more scarry, I lost my bearing AND WATER GOT IN MY FACE MASK.

Being an unexperienced diver I was at a lost at that time as to how to remove the water successfully. I was panic-stricken. I immediately headed for the surface, not knowing where I was. Obviously I survived, because I am typing these lines. However it could have been a disaster - all because I chose not to observe a weather warning.

The words found in Deut. 32:23 for the transition to my next story.

"...and you may be sure that your sin will find you out."

Speaking of finds and articles brought up from the sea. I have before me in my office an old coke bottle. It obviously had been on the ocean floor a long time because it is covered with deposits and carbuncles. As I shake it I hear a noise? What's inside? By looking in one can see sea shells (that's a tongue twister, huh?). How did they get in? Why won't they come out when I turn the bottle upside down?

Answer. When the little "creatures" were small, they "played" in the bottle. "Wow, what a hideout or playhouse" they probably said. But words from parents probably were, "Don't play in unsafe places." So these little creatures did anyway and in and out they would go. As they grew older getting in was harder because their shell was growing - until one day they got IN and could not get OUT. Remember the scripture above?

So, I say to myself, "I have got to be careful day by day what I put IN my head regarding attitudes, etc." There is a cause and effect principle operating in this world.

My prayer for you

Lord, I ask that this one evaluate their present circumstances and reveal to them possible dangers that can be avoided by your Spirit. Give them the courage to make what changes they are able to make to avoid a sad experience. In the name of Jesus.


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