Words For Courageous Living

So I am watching football on tv. Camera goes to the crowd and shows people standing - shouting - yelling - making all kinds of noise. So, I say to myself, "Does that actually help the players? Who can hear what a particular person is saying?"

But there is a dynamic happening. Still, when something happens on the negative side, we hear the groans and wails of upset people. Remember the last time that you actually "shouted"? In the sports realm your shout was for a victory. Maybe your child was playing basketball, volleyball or another sport. You wished for them victory (actually for yourself as well) and you gave a shout.

Could it have been called a shout of faith? In a particular area that you might be going through there needs to be heard a SHOUT OF FAITH.

In the case recorded in the Bible (Joshua 6:5) about the walls of the town of Jericho falling down there was associated with it a shout.

"You shall shout with a great shout; and the wall of the city shall fall down flat..."

The shout of faith that comes from your mouth can tear down what ever "wall" that has been erected. Now, of course, it was not an ACTUAL SHOUT that caused the walls to crumble. The secret of victory lay in the fact that it was a SHOUT OF FAITH. God says, "I have given" this victory. To us, He says, "Even though you do not see any change at this time, according to your faith be it so. Let faith arise my friend. Shout your believe in what God has said and what God has promised. It will be!

My prayer for you, my friend

Lord, I encourage this one to exercise faith in you. We sometimes sing, "Have faith in God, have faith in God, He's on His throne...He watches over His own." Thank you for watching over this one - may their ears hear their mouth speak forth that shout of faith. YES!! Yes, to all walls of difficulty.


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