Words For Courageous Living

Recently 3 of my 12 grandchildren were visiting us. Naturally I took them out on a "date". In one of the errands we ran there was a small three horse merry-go-ground in front of the store. I put Codie, Bryer and Raynee, then 5, 5 and 3 on the horses. I suppose they had a lot of fun going "round" and "round", but it was obvious to me (and to others) that they were not getting any place. But, to them this was a great ride.

Do you ever feel you are on a merry-go-round...not getting anywhere, just going in a circle? I know it seems like my head might be covered with a can and I can't see where I am going. Would you believe that that actually happened? However in this case it was a bear! Let me tell you the story. This guy was flying his plane low and saw a black bear with what latter turned out to be a 20 pound coffee can stuck on his head. The bear was walking around in circles. (I wonder why?) This happened in Alaska, where apparently the bear in rummaging around some garbage got his head so stuck.

So, a Mr. Hall, who was telling the story said, "The bear must have walked more than 500 miles in circles. It had made six worn smooth circular paths in the thick blanket of leaves and twigs which covered the ground."

Well, a rescue party was flown in to free the animal. After several fired tranquilizers into the bear the rescuers cut the can from the bear's head.

Sometimes, I do believe that God's children are so tangled in a "today situation" that they just go endless in circles. Plenty of motion, but no progress. It is important to remove the blinders and the "can" that so easily besets us. It is like God saying in Deut. 2:3,

"You have circled this mountain long enough: turn northward."

We get "canned" by temptation, hopelessness, broken dreams, the failure of people and discouragement to mention just a few. There has got to come a time when we say "enough" (to ourself) and spin out of the circle on a tangent to victory. There is victory in God - but I must with haste add...in His time.

May I pray for you?

God, I ask that this reader be given the courage to BELIEVE that things will not always be as they are now. With God, ALL things are posible. If they, in fact, are living in a circle of events, may they strike a course to the cross. In the name of Jesus.


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