Words For Courageous Living

I was visiting a party recently. During the visitation I made mention of their hanging plants in an enclosed patio. There were several Christmas Catucs. The party mentioned to me that for it to bloom at the proper time, one had to with hold water beginning in the fall. (You who know about such plants might have a different suggestion.) Anyway she said that it was really hard not to water her plants.

So, I suppose, that if I were that plant, I would say, "Water me, water me. Hey, don't you care that I am thirsty. I need. I need." But the lady of the house would say, "NO, I know what I am doing, my plant." I reply, "Well, I don't care. It doesns't FEEL good."

I have, on the other hand, read that gardeners sometimes when they would want to bring a rose to a rich flowering, deprive it for a season of both the water and light.

So, I place myself in that pot. There I sit in silence and darkness. I drop one fading leaf and then another. It seems I am doomed to death.

BUT, here is the miracle, my friend. (Please relate it to your situation.) When every leaf is dropped, and the plant, like, stands stripped, a new life is even then working in the buds. From that will be produced a brighter flower.

In our living, when we seem to be deprived of that which we want please believe that something is happening on the inside. So, David said (Psa. 138:8)

"The Lord will perfect that which concerns me."

If you are going through a dry spell be strengthened by that statement.


Encourage, Father, this one if they indeed are experiencing a sorrow. As someone said, "In celestial gardening, every leaf of earthly joy must drop before a new and divine bloom visits the soul." May they have high hope in the tomorrows of their life. The season of rain will come!


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