Words For Courageous Living

In counseling I have told so many, so many times that if they just knew what would be the result of a particular situation they would not fight it so. You see, we see so narrow and so limited.

Jesus once said to his disciples (take it as to you, my friend) recorded in John 13:7,

"You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand."

Boy when I go through tough times - and you would not believe what I am going through right now - I hold on to that word.

To give you a real vivid illustration let me share with you this story I heard years ago.

There is this tree in the forest of Lebanon. It is a great tree, birds have nests in the branches, weary travelers rest in its shade and it is - like the pride of the forest.

But one day a man comes into the forest and puts a mark on the tree. All those "living in the forest" know that that means. It is not long before the axe makes its mark on the trunk and the tree falls. If other trees and animals could talk they would say, "Oh, what a waste. How horrible for Mr. tree." But let move a little into the future (or in this case the past). Follow the trunk as it is moved down the mountain side, placed in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea on a raft. See it at last shaped and polished and placed in the Temple of God. Could any now be sad that the tree fell and was so used? Of couse not.

You see there was a purpose far greater than was experienced in the forest. While it stood as a glorious cedar in the forest, it now stands not in nature's sanctuary, but in God's sanctury. And, the glory of the latter house was greater than the glory of the former.

So, I say to myself, "Ouch the axe hurts." I see no reason for this happening to me! But I trust God that He has a better plan for me and mine. I trust this impression will be conveyed to you, my friend.

May I pray for you?

Lord, how often as this one asked "why"? I ask now, in the name of Jesus, that the above scripture will be marked on their "trunk". We are, according to the Word, trees of righteousness. Bless this one to that end.


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