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As I reflect on the way my wife and I raised our 5 children I recall so many instances of "really caring" for them. Now, that might seem like there were times when we did not "care". That is certainly not true. My point being that sometimes in the "care and feeding of children" there is an amount of EXTRA care.

For example: When our youngest daughte, Jody, was really small - like a todler I did a most unique thing to care for her. On our patio was a rather large cactus plant. It was unique in shape. I could have easily thrown it away, but what I did was one day sit down beside it and with finger-nail clippers, CUT OFF EACH THORN. Did it take time? Yes, but my daughter Jody was safe now if she should fall against it.

If you are married and have children, you know that a lot of labor is required to raise your children. If not - upon reflection - recall your being raised yourself. So, if it takes a lot of effort and labor to raise a few in one's household, what about God in His??

God, our (your) Father carries heaven and earth and all realms in His bosom. You might be one of those that don't think God takes much thought for mankind. After all He has stars, mountains, "big things" to take His time. Those so thinking are wrong!!.

God is not unmindful of the little things in your life, my friend. In fact, God - (check this), God is concerned about the grass under your feet when walking. Yep, that's right. So, as I read in the Word, if God so cares for the "grass of the field, which today is, and tomorrow is cast into the oven," shall he not care for the minutest thing in your life? "Oh you of little faith" Jesus would say. I like

1 Peter 5:7,

"...casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you."

Is that great, or is that great? God cares for me. God cares for you - Right now, in your situation, God cares for you. You are not alone.

Let's pray

Lord, I thank you for your care. If I have so great concern and care for my children, how much more so does the Heavenly Father care for this on-line reader right now. I thank you for taking thought of this one. In Jesus' name.


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