Words For Courageous Living

If I said to you that difficulties are blessings, many would turn me off! I don't like difficulty (am also sure you don't either) but it is through difficulty that we ARE made a better person. Further, often times difficulties in retrospect have been acknowledged as "Wow, I am glad that did happen...NOW."

It is sorta funny - the lady watching a tennis game and noticed how many times the ball was hiting the net. She said, "Why don't they take down the net?"

Then there was the golfer who was telling a man how hard it was to play a particular hole. There was a ditch between the fairway and green. His friend said, "Why don't they fill the ditch?"

Well, I do smile at both of those examples. But I do not smile when I have a "net" or a "ditch" in my pathway. Life is filled with the "nets" and "ditches, huh?

Let's take one of your "ditches" right now. I will give you time to identify it............... - (oh, so you have two?)........It is difficult, isn't it? A relationship gone sour. A problem at work. Things not right with your spouse. Having guilty feelings. The list is endless.

I return to my opening statement. Difficulties are blessings. Again, doesn't make sense (at least now), but, if the time ever came when all our ditches are filled, and all our nets are taken down, life will be too easy to live. To see God in a difficult situation - to hear his voice of acceptance and love, to know of his presence IS a comfort. If it were not for that we would loose in the game.

The anointed Word of God, John 16:33:

"...in this world you will have trouble. But take heart, be of good cheer, I have overcome the world."

By sending us the Holy Ghost, we, likewise, have power to be overcomers. In the overcoming find a blessing in the difficulties.

My prayer for you, my friend

Lord, I ask, in the name of Jesus that you be with this one as they cross the ditch or hit the net. I ask that they be given the courage to continue and the faith to believe that things will work out for GOOD.


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