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I am letting my recent trip to a welding shop reinforce some idea in my being. In our family room we have a free standing fireplace. We installed in, probably in l974 or 75. Through the years the circular grill in front shows the many attempts to put it in place - - sometimes hitting logs in the fireplace. This has caused it to loose its shape and come loose from the top frame. Consequently my second trip to a welding shop.

I am always looking for God's voice in the ordinary things of my life. In this case several ideas have come to my benefit.

The chimney. On my list of things to do this month is to climb on the roof and lower a chain down the chimney. I will "bang" it around to loosen any material that could start a fire. I do not want a fire like my next door neighbor had a few years ago.

I am told that the height is also important. Since the fireplace has no draught in itself, it is only its connection to the flue that makes the fire burn and the smoke ascend. The higher the chimney, the stronger the draught. That is why as many shops and foundries, the stacks are built to great heights because the great fires are needed.

So, the professional chimney sweeper says, "Your stove clogs, chokes and smokes because your chimney is too low. You must build higher."

I think that, at times, "MY FIRE" burns low. I speak of love, etc. so often clogged by life's daily worry and fret. I speak of faith that only smoulders instead of burning bright. (I wish it could burn up all the little troubles and worries.) We just need a greater upward draw.

We are reminded in the Word that Jesus has come to set us free from all those negative things. As we identify the things that clog us, He receives them. Further, the blood of Jesus, cleanses us from all sin.

There are "uglies" in our life - they hinder our love and they hinder our faith.

Maybe the difficulty that you are now going through can be changed by an inward look....and a greater draw... BUILD YOUR FAITH CHIMNEY HIGHER AND HIGHER.

May I pray for you?

Lord, as I climb on the roof to inspect my chimney, may this one say, "Lord, search me and know my thoughts" and then build on that relationship. In Jesus' name.


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