Words For Courageous Living

Have you ever been pushed in a wheelbarrow?? I have a faint memory of my dad doing that to me...also, probably did it with my kids, too, though I have no actual recall.

What I do recall is asking my neighbor to borrow his wheelbarrow last week. I had a lot of very large rocks to move from one area to another. I could only handle one at a time, possibly two, but that was it. So, by using a wheelbarrow my work was made easier. I did think, believe it or not, it would be fun to push a child around in it.

I am told that years ago a strong wire was stretched across the Niagara River just above the roaring falls. (Of course, the law would restrict that now, I suppose.) It was announced that a tightrope walker would walk on that suspended wire from the American to the Canadian side.

A great crowd watched the death-defaying act. When over, the people cheered. He then did something else - more daring. He pushed a wheelbarrow (with a grooved wheel) across the wire. Again, thunderous applause went up.

A little boy near the man was bright eyed. The tightrope walker asked the boy, "Do you believe that I could put you in this wheelbarrow and push you over the falls?" "Oh, yes," the boy said quickly. "Then get in." INSTANTLY the boy ran away!!

So, in reality he did not believe. Now, I say to myself - "That is the way I am sometimes." How so?

It is like we say we believe in the power of God to carry us safely over "life's tempestuous sea" yet we fail to UTTERLY commit ourselves unto His hands.

The Word does say He will carry you on eagles' wings, but I like, further, Phil. 1:6 for you.

"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will CARRY it on to completion (across the wire) until the day of Christ Jesus."


Lord, I ask that this dear friend "get in the wheelbarrow" knowing that it is your hands on the handles. If they have to close their eyes, if necessary, give them the confident assurance that you are with them while they are in a scarry situation. In the name of Jesus.


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