Words For Courageous Living

Of all the part time jobs I had in college and graduate school the hardest by far was the one with Campbell 66. This was a trucking firm in downtown New Orleans. My job was to load it and in those days it was all done by hand.

I recall one day returning to my dorm and just falling down near the water fountain. Laying on the floor leaning against the wall, my white tee shirt brown from all the dust, my hair in my eyes, my body "all racked by pain" I said to myself I have to quit. But, I returned the next afternoon. That day my job was to load barrels of Coca Cola syurp. The guy working with me said they weigh 500 pounds. (I doubt it was that heavy but one is still talking hundreds.) Well, for me that was just too much UNTIL he taught me how to slant the barrel and roll it on the platform and onto the truck. So, OK. But when it came to the large boxes....no way could I do it myself. (Nor could he - and he was a big guy.) So, TOGETHER - since our arms would not reach around enough for a grip - we picked up the boxes.

So, while at first I say, "Hey, I have a problem, this is too large for me." it was solved by "Hey, I will help you. Then you help me."

What we did was to stand facing each other. The trick to the truck was "togetherness". I like the Word found in Romans 8:26,

"Likewise the Spirit also helps us in our weakness."

God comes to you and says, "My child, you have a problem, don't you?" We reply, "Yes, you better believe it."

It is like we try and try, pray and pray, but "it" is so difficult and so heavy we can't put it into words. Now, God does not say - "Move over", but He says, "I will help you." As that guy in New Orleans said, "You get on one side, and I'll get on the other side" Ask God what part you are to play on your side of a difficult situation.

My prayer for you!

Lord, I thank you that you are on the other side of this one's problem Thank you for sending aid via the Holy Spirit. Grant to this one the knowledge to do their part in the lifting and give them the comforting assurance that you are there with them. In the name of Jesus.


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